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Alright Chappy choos. Real talk.

I need money. BADLY. Thus I am opening sketch commissions for $2 each. With the exchange, it’s only just over £1 for me… So you know I’m losing money either way but I don’t care!
This is so I can actually LIVE next year. I’m going to uni and my accommodation is more than I can afford with my maintenance loan. Which means everything I pay for apart from accommodation will be coming out of my own pocket. And it would be very nice to be able to live next year. I beg you. Even one commission will help. I will draw:

-ANY character, from ANY series
-OCs, Game characters, Manga portraits of people, we’ll discuss ok?
-These are bust commissions as you can see from the examples. I will put a lot of effort into these for you guys.
-I can do this fairly quickly so if I’m not too backed up, I can get the commission to you hopefully the same day you send the payment.
-You can even choose the colour I use to sketch your commission :3


Here are my commission examples if you want to see more

Please send me a message if you are interested and I will sketch as many commissions as you like (Within reason obviously XDD). If I do not reply withing 2 days, tumblr has eaten the ask. please send it again until it works.

Thank you very much for your consideration and I hope to work with you soon.


i went with my dad to a home depot and i saw pretty-looking fountains with affixed statuettes \o7o/

i saw one where a boy was giving his friend a boost so he could see the water better and this is what first came to mind LOL

based on my cat levi and flanecitoghei's puppy eren emofuris. whole body design by kokonoehhh ouod

Anonymous whispered: Those things you call backgrounds? I call them black magic.


:’D i already answered some so 

3. Why I love my best friend - she’s really strong and brave and even though she gets upset with me all the time it’s all right; after all she’s been through a lot and i have no right to judge because i don’t exactly understand what she’s holding inside nor am i pretending that i do

6. Favorite band - ;u; i don’t think i have a favorite band, but fallout boy i guess. and the horrible histories cast do they count

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